GEL food colours

The food coloring gel

The pigments in gel are the richest pigments. Very economic, a tiny amount enough to color, so it is advisable to measure them with a toothpick for more finesse. Their versatility and the holding of their colors are that the food coloring gel are the most used in the world of professional pastry. Moreover, they allow to create bright colors or pastels, environmental. Genuine Swiss knives of colouring, they allow to colour pasta sugar, modeling pastes, pasta with flowers and many others! Planet cake below is their main uses.The favorite of food dyes brands

 are: Rainbow Dust, Magic Colour and Wilton.Color pasta sugar

Sugar paste coloring

(and not the painting thereof) cannot be optimally only with gel coloring. Indeed, if you are using the liquid dye (especially large surface area), it will become very sticky. Well Yes, liquid dyes are water based, and water and not (for sugar paste) do not mix! Exit the dyes in powder as if they are recommended to cover your dough, once mixed, impossible to get rid of the little dots of color. While with a dye gel, everything goes well! Just dip a toothpick or cocktail pick in the dye and poking it in your stride. But be careful to use your dye sparingly, it is better to have to back that find themselves with a not too dark/colored! Also remember to prepare all the necessary amount of paste because it is impossible to recreate a 'home' to the same color!

We recommend the dye food ProGel Red Ruby of Rainbow due you find here.

Dye modelling pastesModeling dough is, in fact, dedicated to the modeling of person sugar doughswims and figurine (modeling paste). It dries faster than the dough to cover, including cocoa butter, she hardened well slower than the dough to flower. It therefore allows you to change your modeling without difficulties. It can of course be colored in the same way as sugar paste and follows the same recommendations. So use only the food coloring gel and color it as you would for a dough classic sugar.

The pigments in gel for flowers pasta

The paste or dough flowers, flower will dry faster and harder that dough cover but remains a derivative of the dough in sugar. The presence of gum in its composition makes it more elastic and allows him to spread too thinly to the cigarette paper. So it is easier to create thin and light flower petals, where his name.

Yet once, it follows the same rule of colouring than the steps and modelling pastes. Food coloring gel is once again the only viable option to keep all its properties. The use of the food Colorant in Gel pink raspberry of the Wilton brand (find it here ) you will create beautiful roses to the intense color and live.

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Food gel for sugar paste coloring

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GEL food colours


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