Glitter colored for decorating cakes

What better way to make a resplendent cake with glitter? Planet cake was well understood and you offers many different products for all your creative and pastry desires. But which brand to choose? What packaging can turn? Food dyes in powder sequined edible glitter in spray through the glitter gels, we are here for you guide!

Modecor edible glitter

DecorGel range is a range of piping gel (decorative gel) metallic effect. It is available in three shades: Red rubies, gold and silver. It will allow you to write and draw on your sugar pies, cupcakes, cakes naked... In short, all of your creations, you'll understand. Their end cap will allow you to measure perfectly the quantity and the desired fineness. You can bring a touch of metallic and brilliant on your pastry masterpieces.

They won't be that yet more fabulous! The Piping gel metallic gold effect will do wonders. (If this isn't the best-selling product in its category, replace) Sequined Claire Bowman spray powders100% edible, these flakes are contained in a bottle with pump: a first! You don't need to spend hours to sprinkle your cakes and put across. With this new system, a pressure just project glitter on your creations. You want an opaque coverage? Approach the broadcaster of your masterpiece. You want a lighter and more diffuse effect? Get him out. We do difficult to more simple and more convenient, no?

This range is available in 3 colors: red, gold and silver that you can find here

. (If this isn't the best-selling product in its category, replace)

Sequined Rainbow dust powdered dyesThe famous British brand offers two ranges of dyes pailletes: Starlight

and Irridescent. 100% edible, they can be applied directly to the brush or sprinkled to give effect textured to your creations. You can also dilute them in of lemon extract to create a shiny edible paint and cover your cakes. Directly incorporated into your pasta to cakes and other creams, you'll get the basics to bright colors and glittering!They both ranges offer seven different shades, as the dye powder Pearly purple reflection

 Like what. (If this isn't the best-selling product in its category, replace)

Beware, The Sparkle range Range

JewelStardust and Hologram Rainbow dust are non-toxic but are not intended for consumption as food. However, you can use them on your flowers in sugar, pasta, sugar, massages that will be kept in memory and other decorative plates. Not to worry if it falls on the cake directly so.

Glitter colored for decorating cakes

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