Deco Cake CARS

Decorate your cake on the CARS theme

Discover the world of racing car circuits with the stars of the CARS, McQueen, Martin truck, Luigi and Sallycircuits. On the program, you will find here spark plugs, Unzyme discs, Sugar discs cake board ,, Food felts and Spray , Plasticfigurines or Sugar characters, personalized toppers and cake contours that will decorate your child's birthday cake on the theme of his CARS cartoon and film.

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Deco Cake CARS


There are 6 products.

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"Cars" is a series of animated films produced by Pixar studios. The films feature anthropomorphic cars that live in a world where cars are the dominant beings and humans are absent. The main characters are the hero, Lightning McQueen, an arrogant racing car, and his friends, including Mater, a rustic and friendly tow truck.

Kids love Cars because of its colorful and engaging characters. Children can easily identify with the cars which are very friendly. The adventures of Lightning McQueen and his friends are also very fun and action-packed, with lots of car racing, discovering new places and comical moments.

The "Cars" franchise has also been widely marketed, with a wide variety of merchandise such as toys, clothing, video games and of course, cakes decorated with the likeness of the characters. This allows children to immerse themselves even more in the world of "Cars" and extend their fun in a tangible way.

And what better way to prolong this pleasure than to make a Cars cake for your child with the decorations offered by Planète Gateau?

Indeed, it will make the child's birthday even more special and personalized, because you will have created a cake that reflects their interest in the frankness of their heart. As a parent, it can be very rewarding to see your child's excitement discovering a cake featuring their favorite characters, especially after spending time on it.

Plus, you could make making this Cars cake a fun family project. Indeed, why not involve your child, who could, for example, help choose the colors and patterns for the cake, or even participate in the decoration. This can be a great opportunity to spend time with family!

All in all, baking a Cars cake for the birthday of a child who is a fan of the franchise can be a great idea to make the child's day even more special and create precious family memories.