Births and baptisms


A stork comes to deliver a beautiful baby all cute and plump? Here you will find what it takes to decorate their cakesmounted parts and other pastries on theme of the birth and baptism.In the program, you will find here cutters of Baby Slippers and small feet for sugar pastethe toppers BABY in sugar and rhinestone "It's a girl" topic, the moulds modelling silicone to create clothes body baby layette

or rabbits comfortersgiant bottles, and balloons full of edible decorations in pink or baby blue colored sugar to sprinkle on your cake.It's so cute! ;-)

Decorate your cake on topic baby of births and baptisms

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Births and baptisms


There are 305 products.

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Christening Cake Decorating Ideas: Create a Unique and Pretty Look!

With our baptism cake decoration ideas, create a unique and pretty look for this special party in the life of a child! Whether for a small or large party, everyone has the opportunity to let their imagination run wild and have fun with toppers, flowers, cupcakes, pasta and colors to make the cake. Let's discover together all the different possibilities you have to decorate the cake and give your baptism cake an atypical style.

What are the best products to decorate a baptism cake?

Baptism cakes are a tradition and a great way to make this event special. To complete the party theme and add a personal and unique touch, you can add decorations to the cake. Whether for a birthday, a wedding or a baptism, cake decorations can be very varied. Whether paper, sugar, cookie dough or wood - decorations can vary depending on the style and color you are looking for. Planet Cake offers a large number of different decorations for cakes that we will now present to you.

Toppers and Paper Flowers:

Toppers come in the form of small figurines that can be attached to the cake. They are ideal for giving a personal touch to a cake. Toppers can be found in different styles and colors to suit every party and theme. You can opt for babies or children, flowers or letters forming messages. Paper flowers are also good options as they complete the design of the cake and reinforce the colors chosen. They can adapt to all styles and complete the look of the cake.

Cupcakes, Pasta and Colors:

Cupcakes are very popular and can be used to form a special decoration on the baptism cake. This type of decoration is very simple and one can find unique and creative toppers or decorations to complete the look. The cupcakes can also adapt to any theme and color of the cake. You can also opt for sugar pastes, which are simpler and very affordable, which are ideal for giving a fun touch to the baptism cake. You can also choose different colors to give an original and colorful touch to a cake.

How to choose the right topper or paper flower?

Paper toppers and flowers are very simple, easy to find and affordable options to give a personal touch to a baptism cake. Toppers in pastel colors suitable for the child or the baby who is celebrating his baptism could for example be good choices. You can also choose white or pink paper flowers to complete the look, depending on the theme you are going for. Toppers and paper flowers are very simple to place and offer many possibilities to create a unique cake.

What are the different ways to use colored sugar pastes on a cake?

Pastas are very simple to use and can be good options for the baptism cake. You can apply them to the cake using small tools or even your fingers. Colors can be powder applied or airbrushed, depending on the type of color you are looking for. You can also opt for colored sugars, which are easy to eat and transport.

Baptism cake decorations are simple and affordable. Choosing the right product and color can help create a unique and pretty look for your cake. Paper toppers and flowers, cupcakes, batters and colors, and cake stands are great options for showcasing the christening cake. So you can be sure to create a unique and pretty look for your special event.

How to use cupcakes in a baptism party?

Cupcakes are very popular in baptism parties because they can be easily personalized according to the theme and color you are looking for. You can also enrich the cupcakes with small toppers, paper flowers or small buns to give a unique touch to your party. Cupcakes are also very practical because they are easy to eat and transport.

Don't neglect the cake stand:

Cake stands are essential products at a baptism or birthday party. They serve to show the beautiful work done on the cake and give it a beautiful presentation. Cake stands come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can accommodate all styles and colors of cake or even blend in completely with the rest of the table to create a cohesive look. So choose carefully the cake stand that will highlight the work done on your baptism cake!