Marriage and Wedding Cake

FOR a "Wedding Cake" wedding cake

They will say 'Yes' to the life, and the parts mounted of marriage should be the "main event". Here you will find what it takes to decorate the cake typeset pieces  theme wedding called in English Wedding Cake.Program, and in addition to everything you can find on our site, you will find here are sold by to make beautiful and big flowers in sugar pastesubjects and bride and groom figurines

to ask as a topper on the top of the cake, some moulds modelling silicone to create frames, ornaments and diamond hearts, food fabrics to coat the bottom of the cake with a veil that is eaten, mats to lace food, and plenty of edible decorations in pink and red colored sugar to sprinkle on your cake heart shaped. Long live the newlyweds!

Materials and Weddings Wedding Cake cake decorating ideas

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There are 359 products.

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The centerpiece of a wedding reception, the cake is the finishing touch that everyone will remember for many years to come. Want to make an impression with a tasty and beautifully presented wedding cake? Find everything you need to decorate your creations or wedding cake on Planète Gâteau.

For almost 10 years now, Planète Gâteau has been offering everything you need to practice the art of cake design on its online store. For a successful wedding cake , we have selected a plethora of essential accessories such as edible decorations, baking pans, displays, cake boxes, etc. Our products come from the most famous brands to name only Sweetapolita, Funcakes, Marvelous Mold or Wilton.

Discover on Planète Gâteau a wide choice of utensils specially selected for the creation of perfect wedding cakes. We offer baking molds in various shapes: heart, flower, round, etc. Also discover on our site 3D molds to bring a modern touch to your preparations. Our molds are available in silicone and stainless steel. 
Our online store also offers cutters and cookie cutters in various shapes and sizes to help you create decorations of all kinds. We have, among others, cutters in the shape of flowers and in the shape of a heart. You will also find in our catalog silicone sugar paste molds that allow you to make very stunning realistic decorations in no time.

Other tools and accessories are also available on Planète Gâteau to allow you to make sublime wedding cakes. We offer quick layup tools, bead guns, icing dot marking tools. You will love using our silicone printing mats with various patterns: roses, diamond effect, flower petals effect, curls, quilted effect ...

On the finishing side, we have several types of edible decorations for wedding cake . Don't hesitate to order our white sugar knots, flakes, petals, sprinkles and sprinkles in all colors. Our wedding subjects and wedding cake toppers in the shape of a couple, hearts, cupid or even personalized will also impress your guests. And why not add a chic and refined touch to your creative pastries with our stencils of geometric shapes, alphabets or even feathers.

For a successful presentation of your masterpieces, consider our cake display stands. They are available in various colors to suit any theme. Also discover our macaroon pyramids and cupcake stands. We have columns to assemble with separator trays to make superb supports and present your cakes, wedding cakes and other pastries. Want to make your wedding cake bigger? Think of our range of dummy cakes or polystyrene cakes. These accessories are available in the shape of a heart, theater or other and in many sizes.