Here you will find all what you need to create and decorate your cakes and b ^ ches on the theme of Christmas: cutters, cutterssystem printing, Unleavened disc or sugar, mould to log, mold silicone molding.Everything you need to shape your cookies, shortbread, sugar pies perfectly and net. In short, the world of kitchen ideal to impress your guests and create pastries original and other cakes in pieces

Decoration of pastry on the theme of Christmas material and accessories

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  • Take pieces of Christmas


    Have fun you give all forms of Christmas to your pastry creations Thanks to our range of cutters and cookie cutters stainless or plastic for your cakescookiescookies, sugar paste themed Christmas: stocking, hood, Star, Santa Claus, Christmas tree, and even the kit to assemble edible 3D objects such as houses of gingerbread for Christmas.

  • Trays and displays at Christmas Cupcakes


    For Christmas, we propose here a wide choice to magnify your cupcakes : of the crates to cupcakes of all bright colors and reasons Santa Claus, reindeer, or snowflakes, cardboard cupcake displays original and finally peaks flag to plant on your muffins for the party of OH OH OH!All the crates to cupcakes, mould muffin paper etc. to the themes and colors of this warm holiday.

  • Christmas baking mold


    Small mussels cooking to create pastries and cookies molded in unity on the theme of Christmas. Pour your dough, previously stained with your dyes, in the cavities of the moulds to cook and they keep the desired form.  Many forms are represented here for Christmas like snowflakes, socks, hoods, glove of winters, stars, etc... 

  • More of the little Christmas

    The little extras that change everything, those that are typical of the spirit of Christmas and giving your preparation and evening this special atmosphere.

    Twisted candy or gingerbread houses, it's here that you'll find them.

  • Pearls, vermicelli, flakes of Christmas

    MARBLES, beads and confetti for Christmas

    Marblespearls and snowflakes in sugar edible and ready to dress up your cake in sugar paste and other Christmas pastry. TheseBeads, pearls and Christmas special food dyes are available of all sizes, from colors of Christmas as the red, the gold the green treeIn the program, pearls and sprinkles of all sizes and all the colors... All 100% edible for a perfect finish!  

  • Decorations sugar winters and noel


    At planet cake, you'll never run out of ideas to decorate your cakes and other pastries on the Christmas theme ! Among our edible decorations

     chocolate, sugar, and Unleavened or isomalt you will find logs and food beads, figurinesflakesConfetti, stars... WHILE SUGAR, 100% FOR CHRISTMAS. And this for cake decorating, cake pops, of cupcakesmuffins and biscuits on the Christmas theme

  • Christmas silicone mold


    A wide range of modeling in silicone moulds to give a shape full of shape of Christmas to your sugar paste. Of mussels Santa, some molds firs, stars, hoods, a kicksled reindeer.... In short, here you will find the mold of your dreams for Christmas!Ideally we recommend that you use these silicone molds with of the gumpaste or by adding the CMC to your sugar paste. Being more flexible sugar dough, it may lose its shape to the demoulding and especially never harden.


There are 270 products.

Showing 1-60 of 270 item(s)

Christmas is one of the most anticipated holidays and one of the most magical times of the year and, for baking lovers, decorating their cakes is one of the most important aspects . On our site you will find everything you need to decorate your Christmas cakes. We offer decorations in the shape of a Christmas tree, snowman, reindeer, Santa Claus and many more. You can also choose decorations in sugar, sugar paste or icing.

Christmas cake decorating is a fun and creative way to showcase your cake and add a festive touch to your party. But how do you choose the right decorations for your Christmas cake?

To choose the perfect decorations for your Christmas cake, take the time to consider the shape and color of your cake, the theme of your party, and the number of people who will be attending. You can also consult recipe books, our blog or baking magazines for ideas and advice on how to decorate your cakes. But we will also

First, you need to decide on the theme of your cake. Do you want a traditional Christmas cake or a more modern cake? Once you have decided on the theme, you can start looking for decorations that match your theme. You can find Christmas cake decorations of all types on this dedicated category page!

For example, opt for fun and colorful decorations. Decorations such as small snowmen, stars, reindeer and fir trees are perfect for adding a festive touch to your cake. You can also choose more classic decorations, such as Christmas lights, garlands or ribbons.

You can also choose decorations for your Christmas cake that are more special and personalized. For example, you can add small figurines representing Christmas characters, personalized scriptures or small details that refer to special events. You can also choose edible decorations, such as decorated cupcakes, cookies and candies.

Buying Christmas cake decorations online on Planet Cake has many advantages. You can find a wide variety of decorations, affordable prices and fast delivery, so you can decorate your Christmas cake in time for the party. You can also find tips and tricks for decorating your Christmas cakes on our blog, which will help you create the perfect cake for your party!

You are now ready to choose the decorations for your Christmas cake. With a little planning and creativity, you can create a beautiful and unique Christmas cake that will delight all your guests. So have fun and enjoy the magic of Christmas!