TOPPER subjects, letters and numbers

THE best TOPPER to the top of the cake about what "topper"

will I put at the top of the cake ? This question comes up in every celebration. Whether for a wedding cake (Wedding Cake) or a birthday important. Then you came to the right place!Planet cake, as a material of pastry and Cake Design Specialist, has selected for you what is best in the field of the topper for cakes:/Figurines topics 3D painted and colored for wedding or communion

Subject of silhouette black or white married for the wedding Cake.

  • Topper Alphabet made of beautiful letters rhinestone diamond effect to be enthroned the INITIALS of the bride and groom on the top of your most beautiful cakes.T,
  • Numbers rhinestone Opper to represent the age of the birthday your beloved. Your cakeconfection
  • out SUBLIMATED recess! 


Topics for wedding cakes Topper - letter & number rhinestone

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There are 91 products.

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