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Discover and our candles of birthdays for your cakes, cupcake and other pastries with huge choice of models of birthday candles paraffin wax: Candles in the shape of characters team logo or football in 2D or 3D, candles, fountains in Fireworks, candles LED which light up, candles in the shape of figures of all the colors and all styles, and candles for boys, girls, adolescents, or adults. In terms of characters, you will find for example candlesminions, the Queen of snow, the AvengersSpidermanStar Wars, Winnie the Pooh, DISNEY princessesChristmas and Halloween figurine. All to contact food and ready to put on your pastry creation! A huge selection of HAPPY BIRTHDAY candles for your cakes sugar, as well as more cake decoration kits ready-made dough. 


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Birthday CANDLES


There are 103 products.

Showing 1-60 of 103 item(s)

Fir Tree Candle

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Candles on the birthday cake have now become a universal practice. This tradition goes back a long way, more precisely to the time of Ancient Greece. Over the years, these birthday cake decorating accessories have gone through many changes. So, you can find several types, from the more traditional models to the more extravagant.

Do you want to wow your loved ones with birthday candles that are out of the ordinary? Or do you prefer classic candles for your birthday cake? Find out exactly what you need on Planète Gâteau. Thanks to the many references available in our catalog, you can be sure to have the ideal candle, whatever theme you choose for your birthday party.

Planète Gâteau has been an online store specializing in the art of cake design for almost 10 years. You will find on our site several models of birthday candles that we have selected with care to appeal to children, but also to adults. We have, in fact, candles in the shape of numbers ranging from 0 to 9. They are available in all colors and in all styles. Our black and white soccer ball-shaped birthday candles will be perfect for personalizing the cakes of fans of the sport. We also offer flashing Led candles that add a touch of originality to all your cakes.

Little girls will love our unicorn-shaped birthday candles or those with Disney princess designs. To delight your boys, opt without hesitation for our candles bearing the effigy of Marvel characters such as Spiderman, Iron Man, Thor, Falcon Eye, etc. Want to create a big surprise at your loved one's birthday party? Think of our rotating and musical lotus flower candle. A few seconds after lighting, this candle will suddenly open and play the melody of the famous birthday song while spinning.

Birthday candles in the shape of 2D characters are also a great choice to enhance your birthday cakes. We have Star Wars candles, Hulk Avengers candles, Cars Lightning McQueen candles, Miraculous Ladybug candles, PJ Masks candles, and more. Your guests will be even more impressed with our selection of 3D character birthday candles. The choice is yours between our Paw Patrol Chase candles, our Minnie and her birthday cake candles, our Peppa Pig and her gift candles, and much more.

Discover also on Planète Gâteau candles with colored flames. They blend perfectly with any theme of your choice. And why not use fountain-type candles in your birthday cakes? You will find many models in our catalog: fountain candles in the shape of a heart, a star, etc. They will be perfect for a very stunning shiny effect on your cakes and pastries. These safe and very easy to light candles allow you to admire a real mini fireworks display in your home.