COVERING sugar paste

Sugar paste to cover your cakes

Sugar paste known as "coverage" is designed to cover each floor of your cake and this, with minimal crazing, cracks or blisters. Unlike the dough to flowers or modelling paste, paste  cover sugar is much more flexible, elastic and malleable so that you étaliez it with ease. The key word of the operation is 'smooth '!

In terms of colors, you can choose a dough sugar already colored or good one white that you can easily tint according to your desires, and, using dyes in gel. With these, you can even add visuals like glitter or metallic effect.

Each brand of sugar paste has its technical specifications as the flexibility, elasticity, resistance to tropical climates, anti-craquelures, gluten-free, kosher, hallal, and many others.

So what sugar paste to choose? Planet Gateau This is the 5 brands we have selected and their specificities.


Sugar Paste Renshaw

Sugar paste Renshaw is pasta with professional quality sugar. Available in sizes ranging from 250g to 10kg, they can be tinted or not. The use of sugar paste is very easy: simply mix and spread them out with a roller pan to cover your cakes and mounted parts. Sugar Paste of the Renshaw mark are certified kosher. suitable for vegetarian diet and gluten ! Discover the classic range as well as the Extra here range !

Sugar paste Satin Ice coverageSatin Fine Foods, lnc. is the American leader in the field of coverage sugar paste. Its quality sugar paste is sold all over the world and is found in of many American television show such as Ace of Cakes, cake Boss, Food Network Challenge, or even Ultimate cake Challenge. Many cake Designers and other psweet arts rofessionnels swears by their products. Indeed, their pasta to cover sugar have a satiny texture, are easy to work, do not tear and can be lowered very finely.

The range of Satin Ice is perfect to render Satin with a thickness of minimal sugar paste!

Cheap sugar paste: Sugaria

Sugar Paste cover from Sugaria, this is the perfect compromise between low price and quality! It's not expensive sugar paste by excellence but its taste and texture without cracking is close to large Sugar paste professional. Ready to use but can be dyed if necessary, you can find them in packages of 250g. They are available in many colours. Designed to withstand tropicalthey are suitable for a gluten-free diet  !

Learn more on the specifics of the Sugaria brand.

Massa Ticino or "the legend of the pasta to cover sugar."If you are passione·e of cake design, you have certainly heard of Massa Ticino Sugarpaste original! This legend is unfortunately not found in France. For you, planet-cake has got the exclusivity of the import on the territory! You do not know it? Go discover it now! Treat yourself to the Roll's Royce supreme pasta to cover sugar and find out why Massa Ticino became the brand of pasta to cover sugar legend!

The unique taste of the coverage of Modecor sugar pasteThis coverage at Modecor sugar paste has the particularity of having a taste of cooked sugar. His unique and different Sugar Paste taste English vanilla shrink. Try this dough in sugar, it's warranty to fall for his surprising taste, recalling the caramelized sugar and its sweet and unexpected notes.

Another peculiarity of Modecor brand is its Tropical range. This reSiste carefree to the hot and humid climates that make the work of pasta usually impossible to cover sugar.

Seduced by the brand Modecor and all its variations of pasta to cover sugar!

Sugar paste - to decorate cakes

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COVERING sugar paste


  • RENSHAW sugar paste

    RENSHAW sugar paste,  the choice of the pros

    More bluffing that a royal icing, sugar Renshaw pasta are pasta with sugar professional quality coverage. Available in sizes ranging from 250g to 10kg, they can be tinted or not. The use of sugar paste is very easy: simply mix and spread them out with a roller pan to cover your cakes and mounted parts. Pasta with Mark Renshaw EXTRA sugar have more than one arrow to their bow!

    Renshaw is part of the many brands of dough in sugar cover We offer.

    Suitable for all diets (or almost)!

    Pasta sugar of the mark Renshaw are consumables for all products insofar as they are suitable for all diets! Indeed, the pasta to cover Renshaw sugar are certified kosher

    halalcompatible with a vegetarian diet but also vegan and gluten. Never worry therefore diets of your guests and guests! No one will be injured and everyone will be able to refill your piece mounted regardless of what anyone (except maybe their weight gain, but is something else!).Renshaw sugar paste  Extra Rose will be so perfect for covering a great cake that will be a hit with everyone! You can find it here Cake design has for everyone thanks to Renshaw sugar paste!Color a Renshaw sugar paste is a real breeze! Simply bring a white paste sugar Renshaw

    one (or more) food gel as well as coloring of a toothpick (or Spades to cocktail). Is not a food coloring powder or liquid dye, only gels offer an optimal rendering. Sample coloring gel with your toothpick and poking your dough sugar Renshaw on several occasions. Then knead the pate up what food coloring is mixed evenly. Thanks to the EXTRA range, theelasticity products Renshaw makes this very easy! However take care to prepare a quantity of dough for sugar of sufficient coverage at once because a 'House' color is impossible to replicate, even by professionals ! There are more to spread the sugar dough using a rolling pin pan. And, there's more to dress up any cake birthday or everyday!

    A range of colors to not know what to do!

    Pasta sugar Renshaw EXTRA and PRO, it's a wide choice of colors! Twenty variations of colors is available, not to mention lots by themes! For example, the kit Christmas special contains 5 different blocks sugar! We find dough sugar red cover, one green, one Brown, one white and one black. What do a play mounted in the colors of the holiday season! You ravirez small and large year-end with a cake worthy of the greatest professionals rendering.Find the kit Christmas special hereCheck out our other games of dough in sugar:



  • Sugar dough PLANETE GATEAU

    Sugar dough PLANETE GATEAUbest value for money

    The quality/price ratio of sugar doughs PLANETE GATEAU is still unequalled. It is the cheap sugar dough of reference. The reason it is so popular is that, despite its low price, PLANETE GATEAU offers quality products. It is finally very close to the big professional sugar pastes. In 250g packaging, they are ready to use but can also be tinted if necessary. The use of the sugar dough is very easy: just knead them and spread them with a non-stick roller to cover your cakes and mounted pieces.

    PLANETE GATEAUcheap sugar dough to create infinity !

    Cheap sugar dough from PLANETE GATEAU is available in many colours such as two shades of blue, fuchsia, grey, yellow, orange, green, brown but also flesh colour. Perfect for modelling, figurines and all other creations! You will be able to use it as you wish. Give free rein to all your desires. Tint, knead, spread with a non-stick rolling pin, model, cover, replace an icing with a cheap sugar paste topping, paint, transform a simple birthday cake into a work of art. There are no limits to your creative genius! So don't hesitate any longer and let yourself be seduced by the wide choice of colours offered by the sugar dough PLANETE GATEAU colored !

    A sugar paste half the price of other brands!

    Offering products of such a cheaper quality would be almost criminal! Where a 250g sugar paste of another brand would cost you 2.50€, the cheap sugar paste from PLANETE GATEAU is half the price! A price divided by two for a quality left whole, impossible to find the same value for money at a competing brand

    "Cheap sugar dough" does not mean "cheap sugar dough"!

    If PLANETE GATEAU did not offer good quality products, Planet-Cake would not sell them! The sugar pastes of PLANETE GATEAU offer near flawless quality, taste and crack-free texture. It's as easy to use as other more expensive sugar pastes, so why go without? With such a good quality/price ratio, testing it is a guarantee to adopt it. So don't hesitate any longer and take the plunge!

    Discover our other sugar dough gamesâte-à-sucre-funcakes

  • SMARTFLEX sugar paste

    Discover the fantastic Fondant SMARFLEX Velvet, so expected at all kellee cake ! She has everything to please, an incomparable elasticity, a satin texture, it will not crack or not tear, and she has an exquisite taste of vanilla!

  • SARACINO sugar paste

    Cover Top of the Saracino brand sugar paste.

    TOP sugar paste of Saracino is a tropical sugar paste who can stand high temperatures and humid climates.It offers a rendering and a perfect on your cakes cover with a good taste of vanilla bourbon.

  • Fun Cakes sugar paste

    This sugar to a soft texture paste and tender which will allow you to recover easily all your cakes cake design .It hardens quickly when spread out, and has a pleasant and delicate taste of vanilla !

  • Sugar paste MASSATICINO


    You may have heard of the famous Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste, development by CARMA® in 1963.If you are looking for the original Massa Ticino™ Sugarpaste, planet cake is the exclusive importer in France. So, you are here in the top of the site to get what need you.

    Sugar paste

    Massa Ticino is today certified HALAL, but also kosher as soon as January 1, 2017.Massaticino, the Roll's Royce supreme sugar paste on sale at planet cake!

  • Pâte à sucre PASTKOLOR

    Discover the Pastkolor fondant which offers flexibility and an ideal texture for making your cake decorations. With a lemony taste, PastKolor is perfect for tropical climates by resisting heat and humidity. If you want to keep your cake in the fridge, this is for you!

    Pastkolor sugar paste offers flexibility and a fine and elegant finish. With its extra elasticity, you can spread it thinly without cracking or tearing. You will obtain with Pastkolor a smooth and silky texture for your cover with an immaculate white bonus.

  • Fondant Sweetkolor

    A tropical sugar paste with exceptional qualities! Discover the essential Sweetkolor Fondant to cover your designer cake cakes, thanks to its elasticity and its soft texture, it also has a delicate citrus taste.

    Resistant to heat and humidity, Sweetkolor sugar paste will allow you to work in a tropical environment or during high summer heat and also to keep your cake in the refrigerator.

    If you try it you won't be able to do without it. Tropical sugar pastes are normally very firm in their properties, but Sweetkolor is very malleable!

  • MODECOR sugar paste


    Modecor sugar paste is ideal for all your cake decoration. It is easy to shape, it is smooth and elastic.This sugar Modecor paste

     has the distinction of having a taste of cooked sugar. It is distinguished by a different taste of English pasta sugar with vanilla. Try this sugar dough and fall for his taste different, very greedy of cooked sugar, caramel raw.We market especially the TROPICAL of sugar paste version MODECOR who has no equal for the tropical climate specific and generally inconsistent work of sugar paste.

  • Fondant SATIN ICE

    SATIN ICE, The Professionals Choice of Sugar Paste

    Established in 2001 by Kevin O’Reilly, Satin Fine Foods has grown to become a world-leading manufacturer, distributing branded and private label products to over 65 countries worldwide from a 100,000 sq ft, FSSC 22000 Certified facility based in the Hudson Valley, NY. The company has a long and successful history of satisfying the demands of the best pastry chefs, cake artists, bakers and hobbyists in the world. Used on shows like Ace of Cakes, Cake Boss, Food Network Challenge, and Ultimate Cake Challenge.

    It's multifunctional !

    Exceptional workability makes Satin Ice fondant easy for anyone to use to make incredible custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies for any occasion. Satin Ice fondant can be rolled thin or modeled into shapes giving artists, pastry chefs, retail bakeries and home-bakers a highly versatile cake icing that transforms the ordinary to extraordinary. Known best for its superior vanilla flavor and smooth finish, Satin Ice fondant will have your creation tasting as amazing as it looks.

    It's premium quality!

    Recognized the world over for consistency, workability and taste, the Satin Ice lineup offers an extensive range of products, flavors and colors with beautiful cake-decorating characteristics. Satin Ice is the professional’s choice for premium quality and creativity and offers many favored attributes e.g. gluten free, dairy free, nut free and Kosher Pareve.

    The red Satin Ice sugar paste (find it here) will be perfect for making a stunning, brightly coloured birthday cake.

    Discover the Satin ice black Fondant which will allow you to make superb Halloween cupcakes!


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