Sugar dough PLANETE GATEAUbest value for money

The quality/price ratio of sugar doughs PLANETE GATEAU is still unequalled. It is the cheap sugar dough of reference. The reason it is so popular is that, despite its low price, PLANETE GATEAU offers quality products. It is finally very close to the big professional sugar pastes. In 250g packaging, they are ready to use but can also be tinted if necessary. The use of the sugar dough is very easy: just knead them and spread them with a non-stick roller to cover your cakes and mounted pieces.

PLANETE GATEAUcheap sugar dough to create infinity !

Cheap sugar dough from PLANETE GATEAU is available in many colours such as two shades of blue, fuchsia, grey, yellow, orange, green, brown but also flesh colour. Perfect for modelling, figurines and all other creations! You will be able to use it as you wish. Give free rein to all your desires. Tint, knead, spread with a non-stick rolling pin, model, cover, replace an icing with a cheap sugar paste topping, paint, transform a simple birthday cake into a work of art. There are no limits to your creative genius! So don't hesitate any longer and let yourself be seduced by the wide choice of colours offered by the sugar dough PLANETE GATEAU colored !

A sugar paste half the price of other brands!

Offering products of such a cheaper quality would be almost criminal! Where a 250g sugar paste of another brand would cost you 2.50€, the cheap sugar paste from PLANETE GATEAU is half the price! A price divided by two for a quality left whole, impossible to find the same value for money at a competing brand

"Cheap sugar dough" does not mean "cheap sugar dough"!

If PLANETE GATEAU did not offer good quality products, Planet-Cake would not sell them! The sugar pastes of PLANETE GATEAU offer near flawless quality, taste and crack-free texture. It's as easy to use as other more expensive sugar pastes, so why go without? With such a good quality/price ratio, testing it is a guarantee to adopt it. So don't hesitate any longer and take the plunge!

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Sugar dough PLANETE GATEAU cheap

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