RENSHAW sugar paste

RENSHAW sugar paste,  the choice of the pros

More bluffing that a royal icing, sugar Renshaw pasta are pasta with sugar professional quality coverage. Available in sizes ranging from 250g to 10kg, they can be tinted or not. The use of sugar paste is very easy: simply mix and spread them out with a roller pan to cover your cakes and mounted parts. Pasta with Mark Renshaw EXTRA sugar have more than one arrow to their bow!

Renshaw is part of the many brands of dough in sugar cover We offer.

Suitable for all diets (or almost)!

Pasta sugar of the mark Renshaw are consumables for all products insofar as they are suitable for all diets! Indeed, the pasta to cover Renshaw sugar are certified kosher

halalcompatible with a vegetarian diet but also vegan and gluten. Never worry therefore diets of your guests and guests! No one will be injured and everyone will be able to refill your piece mounted regardless of what anyone (except maybe their weight gain, but is something else!).Renshaw sugar paste  Extra Rose will be so perfect for covering a great cake that will be a hit with everyone! You can find it here Cake design has for everyone thanks to Renshaw sugar paste!Color a Renshaw sugar paste is a real breeze! Simply bring a white paste sugar Renshaw

one (or more) food gel as well as coloring of a toothpick (or Spades to cocktail). Is not a food coloring powder or liquid dye, only gels offer an optimal rendering. Sample coloring gel with your toothpick and poking your dough sugar Renshaw on several occasions. Then knead the pate up what food coloring is mixed evenly. Thanks to the EXTRA range, theelasticity products Renshaw makes this very easy! However take care to prepare a quantity of dough for sugar of sufficient coverage at once because a 'House' color is impossible to replicate, even by professionals ! There are more to spread the sugar dough using a rolling pin pan. And, there's more to dress up any cake birthday or everyday!

A range of colors to not know what to do!

Pasta sugar Renshaw EXTRA and PRO, it's a wide choice of colors! Twenty variations of colors is available, not to mention lots by themes! For example, the kit Christmas special contains 5 different blocks sugar! We find dough sugar red cover, one green, one Brown, one white and one black. What do a play mounted in the colors of the holiday season! You ravirez small and large year-end with a cake worthy of the greatest professionals rendering.Find the kit Christmas special hereCheck out our other games of dough in sugar:



Renshaw - professional quality sugar paste

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