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Decorate the outline of your birthday cakes in no time at all thanks to our sugar sheets printed with food ink, which, once cut, will surround your cakes and wedding cakes with a fairy-tale decor. A minimum of effort for a maximum of rendering!

We offer you here dozens of new designs of sugar outlines on the biggest cake themes: Safari (animal skin), football, Nature (Sea, fire, sky...) Baby Shower, Birthday Boy and Little Princesses, car, Card game, Animated film, Video games, Unicorn, Pink Flamingo etc... It is impossible not to find the right cake outline to decorate your cake!

Our cake outline sheets are easy to cut with scissors or a cutter and are available in 2 versions:

  • 3 Strips of 6.5cm high by 28cm long. So, each of these sheets can completely surround a cake of 26cm in diameter and 7cm high
  • 2 strips of 10cm high by 28cm long. Each of these leaves can completely surround a cake 18cm in diameter and 10cm high.

And simply take several leaves of the same model to make the cake outline bigger!

Finally, our designers have created each of these leaves so that the strips fit together visually perfectly one behind the other! This way, the junctions between each strip will be almost invisible and your guests will taste your cake amazed by its design... and by the taste of this vanilla-flavoured sugar leaf!

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