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BOWS in sugar paste for your cake design Cake decoration

These edible sugar paste decorations will dress all your pieces, Bavarian and other masterpieces of design cake. Wonderfully well tied and ready to use: no need to spend hours do-it-yourself nodes in dough in sugar! You will find them here, all ready. Planet cake lets you choose your favorite among a variety of sizes and colors! All occasions are good: weddings, baptisms, birthdays, births or even for (to) make happy everyday and impress his relatives.Then indulge yourself

and proceed to the next step of cake design: make your unique and glamorous creations! Colored nodes.

These super small and large knots, they are set with colorful or simply colored peas blue or rose, will be the most beautiful effect on your creations. Wedding cakes, birthday cakes, holiday but also just for the pleasure of the eyes, opportunities are good

to sublimate all your cakes. You can use it on cakes large format but also on colorful cupcakes: children and adults will love this decoration both discreet and effective. In addition, they can be used to camouflage an imperfection on the cover of your cake!

You can simply ask them or stick them on your pasta to cover sugar and add a festive side to a cake that originally was sober. Here is our Pink node. (If this isn't the best-selling product in its category, replace)

The nodes into white sugar.Like the colored nodes and all our other sugar paste decorations, they can be used as what. You ask them or stick, their immaculate white color will make them inevitable on a paste colored sugar. They also have the advantage of being like blank canvases! VYou can thus color them of the color of your choice, add them touches of color, draw on it, apply gold leaf or even give them metallized reflections. Your only limit is your imagination

! Small knots or large knot in white sugar

you just to make your choice! (If this isn't the best-selling product in its category, replace) 

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