Printed Edible discs for cakes

Unleavened discs and sugar print and customizable

Discover the world of anime and other animated films. Whether Disney, Marvel franchises or the studios Pixar characters. In the program, here you will find Unleavened discs, disks of different diameters and size, round or rectangular sugar. They will beautifully decorate the birthday cake from big and small. Everyone will be happy to find her favorite on her birthday cake!Planet cake also offers customizing and creating original azymes discs or sugar. You can even print your own designs on sheets of Matzo or sugar!

Unleavened disc or disc in sugar?

These are your first steps in cake design? Or at least, in the disks of decoration? No shame to have, we all started somewhere! So how to choose between a Matzo and a drive in sugar? It's simple, the difference in the types of cakes to decorate.

You want to decorate a 'wet' said cake like a strawberry or a Bavarian? Then your only solution is to go for a drive in sugar. Indeed, alone withstand the humidity of your cake. He will use it even to settle. The disc, Matzo, drink this moisture and will melt very quickly. So beware can't go wrong you.

For dry cakes, you decide, both options are 100% viable. The two discs will not alter the taste of your creations, they will bring even a very light taste vanilla at most. So not to worry and test these decorations that will make unanimity!

Your character printed on cake!


Printed discs are the quick solution to decorate birthday cakes! A child love the character of a cartoon or movie specific that you can't find? Want to make a cake shifted to an adult? The method is 100% persontool and model different featuresfood impression : Send us your design, we'll print it for you. You don't have any inspiration? You can choose to customize one of our original designs by adding the name and age of the person who is for your cake!   You may also be interested by 


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Printed Edible discs for cakes


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