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Rainbow Dust

Rainbow Dustthe world's leading English manufacturer of food colorants in all forms ( gel, powder, liquid), in all colours, of all types (glitter, metallic, pearly, matt, gold, silver) and certified Halal, Kosher, GMO-free, for vegetarians.

Rainbow Dust, additives not knowing what to do!

The brand Rainbow Dust is the 1st brand worldwide in the field of food dyes. In addition to the highest quality, the strength of Rainbow Dust is the wide choice of colours. Rainbow Dust broadcast product lines colored with each its specific application.

In addition, all products Rainbow Dust that planet-cake has selected are certified kosher, gluten or nuts-and GMO and are suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets. Food colours in powder.Beware, the range of dyes in powder offered by Rainbow Dust dizzy: no less than 52 variations of colors

! Classic Cherry to Lavender pastels through the eccentric red flame metallic, it is impossible not to find your happiness in this myriad of hues.

These products are divided into several ranges: Plain & Simple (edible Matt dye), The Edible Silk Range (edible Pearlescent pigment), Pearl Edible Silk Range (edible Pearl dye), Starlight Edible Silk Range (edible Pearl pigment). 

Their use is could not be more simple: you can spread them out with a brush or sprinkle them to give an effect textured to your creations. You can also dilute them in of lemon extract to create an edible paint and cover your cakes. Plus, directly incorporated into your pasta to cakes and other creams, you get bright or pastel colors to environmental bases.To you the creative pastry and the congratulations of your entourage during the discovery of your prowess in cake design!Discover the dye powder blue Starlight night here 


The food coloring gel ProGel.

Yet once, Rainbow Dust does not disappoint: they offer 34 different shades of dye food gel to the ProGel range. Among these hues, are essential as red, yellow cItron but more specific and amazing colors like Terracotta, green tree

 or even sunflower. Perfectly suitable for color all your pasta to sugar, pasta with flowers and shaping blocks, they don't in will change the texture or the rendering. Ultra concentrated pigment, a tiny amount will be sufficient to give a rich, intense color all your preparations. To you the creams, pasta, sugar and other creations to deep and vibrant colors!If gel ProGel of Rainbow Dust dyes dissolve very well in water, basic butter and cream and other cakes pies, they are not suited to the coloration of preparations to chocolate or cocoa butter.

The food felt

Free the cartoonist who sleeps in the Palm of you (and incidentally in the Palm of your loved ones if you are sharing!) The food felt double points and markers click-twist of Rainbow Dust brush will allow you to draw at will on your creations. Their use is simple: you need to do is draw and you realize your pastry works into true works of art unique and personalized. They will also delight the youngest who can decorate themselves their birthday cakes.The brush-Click-Twist range will allow you to literally paint on your dough in sugar like on a canvas. Allows you to create cakes that will fade the paintings of great masters. Become the Picasso of the Cake Design and amaze your friends and family.The Double peak range will serve you well. His 1st fine mine is perfect for precision as to the Scriptures work, details about your gumpaste flowers, or even the makeup of your miniatures. Its thicker tip to fill larger areas as you would with a conventional pen on a sheet of paper.Attention, however, they are not indicated for covering a cake. Prefer a food (House Paint or already made) to cover large areas. Here the Click & Twist metallic gold




There are 41 products.

Showing 1-41 of 41 item(s)