Moule pattes de chien - 6 cavités
  • Moule pattes de chien - 6 cavités
  • Moule pattes de chien - 6 cavités
  • Moule pattes de chien - 6 cavités

Chocolate mold lollipop dog paws - 6 cavities

Use this polycarbonate mould to make up to 6 pretty dog paw lollipops (5.5 cm) in chocolate or candy melt.

These lollipops will be as beautiful as they are delicious for all your snacks or festive events.

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Make perfect, shiny lollipops in the shape of dog paws with this polycarbonatechocolate mould.

Amaze all your guests at your patrol-themed parties or festive events by creating chocolate lollipops worthy of the finest pastries.

You can also assemble 2 lollipops together to obtain a 3D and realistic effect.


  • Wash the molds with hot water only to preserve the mold, increase its longevity and optimize the finish of future unmolding.
  • All types of chocolate are compatible for use with these moulds, including Melt tablets.
  • If you use white chocolate, you can even colour it as you wish with our fat-soluble colourings
  • In order not to burn the chocolate and risk denaturing it, it is strongly advised to melt the chocolate in a bain-marie only.
  • To glue the chocolates together to obtain your 3D object, the little trick is to heat a saucepan with no air, then turn it over, place the first half-shell of chocolate so that it melts slightly and finally make it stick to the other half-shell of chocolate. You can also put tempered chocolate on the ends to make the 2 pieces stick together.

Dimensions of the moulded object: Length: 55,5 x Width: 52,5 x Height: 13 mm

6 cavities

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