Marzipan white 500 gr

White Almond Paste 500gr



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Renshaw marzipan is of superior quality and is ideal for modelling or using with dies, moulds. It is also perfect to cover your cakes and shortbreads.

without white colouring add, it is a natural almond ecru white.

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Kosher Halal certified Gluten-free Vegetarian Vegan

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This marzipan is made from a blend of European and Californian almonds to create a special flavour that is unlike any other.

There is the classic use of marzipan to cover your cake, or in the English way an extra layer between the cake and the sugar dough. Just take a block and extend it to the required size.
We recommend a thickness of about 4 to 5 mm if you want to achieve the perfect coating for your cake. However, you can do much more, this product is ideal for creating decorative models.

Although many cake designers prefer to use sugar paste for more complex detail work, marzipan is easier to work with due to its more malleable nature and has an incredible taste.

Roses in marzipan are a simple, tasty and beautiful decoration for all kinds of cakes. You can use it to make cookie-cutter flowers or handmade petals. You can also mix the cocoa powder to create a delicious chocolate almond paste that works great for modeling and as a blanket.

To be tested imperatively! Amade pasta is perfect for any occasion.

Ingredients: sugar, almondsglucose syrup, invert sugar syrup, added water, E202 preservative

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