PASTKOLOR Sugar Paste 1 kg
  • PASTKOLOR Sugar Paste 1 kg
  • PASTKOLOR Sugar Paste 1 kg

PASTKOLOR Sugar Paste 1 kg


Discover Pastkolor sugar paste which will be perfect to cover your cakes or to realize modelling. With its good elasticity, you will obtain a perfect result, elegant and without folds or cracks.

Moreover, this sugar paste contains a delicious tuti frutti flavor.

Capacity: 1 kg and available in 15 colors. PastKolor is also available in 2,5kg in white.

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Exclusively, discover the unavoidable Pastkolor sugar paste with the flavor of tuti frutti.

This high quality sugar paste will allow you to cover your cakes thanks to its ability to spread thinly without cracking or tearing.

Its elasticity and stability will make drying slower, which will be perfect for modeling that requires a longer time of realization without your sugar paste to crack.

Capacity: 1 kg.

Available in several colors.

Ingredients for the White : Sugar, wheat starch, glucose, hydrogenated palm fat, sweeteners-sorbitol-glycerin, xanthan gum (E-415), stabilizer (E-420), preservative (E-202), tuti frutti flavor. Contains gluten.

Ingredients for other colors (unlike white, color pastes are GLUTEN-FREE): Sugar, corn starch, glucose, hydrogenated palm vegetable fat, xanthan gum (E-415), stabilizer (E-420), preservative (E-202), lemon flavors, then, depending on the color, the following additional ingredients:

  • Black : e153 colorant
  • Red : e124 and E129 colorant,
  • Yellow : e102 dye,
  • Orange: e102 and E129 dye,
  • Fushia : e122 dye,
  • Pink : e122 dye,
  • Lilac : e124 and E-151 dye,
  • Blue : e131 dye,
  • Navy blue : e151 dye,
  • Light blue : e131 dye,
  • Salad green : e102 and E131 dye,
  • Green : e102 and E131 dye,
  • Brown : e151 and E155 colorant,
  • Baby pink : e122 dye,

E102, E122, E124 and E129 can have negative effects on activity and attention in children.

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