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Kit airbrush Black edition Kit airbrush Black edition Kit airbrush Black edition Kit airbrush Black edition

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The PME airbrush is a device equipped with a edible paint gun. It will allow you to quickly and easily create beautiful paints on your cakes with a professional finish. Whether you are a pastry chef or cake designer, beginner or experienced, you will not be able to do without it!

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The PME airbrush is a special cake airbrush with a unique action. Single-action airbrushes are easier to use (accessible even to beginners), their compressor is very compact and takes up less space, so it is easier to store.

It is all the more special because its bucket is wider than the other airbrushes 7ml against 3 ml in general, but above all: it has a lid! This will prevent you from spilling drops of colouring agents when you use it.

airbrush is a edible paint gun used by pastry chefs and cake designers to colour cakes, models, flowers.... You can paint part or all of the cake, draw detailed images, add gradient effects to your cakes or flowers, use the stencil technique for more precise contours...

An airbrush works like this: air is sent from the compressor via the hose to the tip of the gun, also called the nozzle. It contains a needle. When you pull the trigger backwards, the edible colouring spreads through the air, which is then injected. The paint is sprayed on your cake.

The amount of dye that is released depends on the force with which the trigger is pressed. The distance at which you hold the gun to the cake is also important: the closer you get, the finer the line will be (so you can write or draw finely), the further away you get, the more diffuse the paint will be (fog) and you will get a gradient effect.

edible airbrush
requires the use of specific liquid edible colours for airbrushes, to avoid any clogging effect, unwanted projections or paint deposits. To complete your purchase, we recommend that you also equip yourself with essential accessories, such as special airbrush dyes, special airbrush cleaning liquid, stencils etc.

Cleaning the nozzle is imperative after each use with the airbrush cleaner.

No warranty coverage will be granted in the event of non-compliance with this instruction

Here are some videos of PMEs on this airbrush:

  • What this kit contains:
  • How to assemble your airbrush:
  • How to use your airbrush:
  • Finally, here is Dolce Dita's video for using an airbrush and making clouds:

The kit includes:

  • Airbrush gun with integrated 7 ml bucket.
  • Hard case to protect the pistol from the aerographer.
  • Tool for holding the airbrush during use
  • air hose
  • Piping tips in accordance with European standards (French piping tips)
  • Instruction manual.

Color: white.

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