SUGAR PASTE and Fondant

Sugar Paste and other decorations for cakes

Ready to use sugar paste is a sweet and edible decoration that allows to embellish all your cakes or your cupcakes by colour, shapes and the massages. Planet cake offers a wide range of designs and color to cover your cakes, make the flowers in sugar, the massages with sugar paste, the paste flowers, almond paste or chocolate dough. All major brands are represented: Renshaw, Satin Ice, Massa Ticino Saracino, Modecor, FunCakes, Sugaria. There is so for every taste and every need!

Sugar paste known as "coverage"

Cover sugar paste is used to cover (as the name suggests) all your cakes but also your cupcakes. It remains flexible at all times and is easy to use. It will allow you to smooth out your designs and make them both impeccable. Thanks to it, your culinary masterpieces will be worthy of the great cake design!

Side colors, you have total freedom

. You can opt for an already tainted dough or color a white paste using food coloring gel. Planet cake has selected 5 different brands. Each has its specialty, its specificities. In order to find the best product for your use, we all presented you them on the page dedicated to pasta to cover sugar

.Dough flowers or GumpasteThe Gumpaste is a sugar dough that gum has been added. It is more elastic and can be spread much more finely than all other Sugar Paste. That is why it is called flower dough: can be formed petals to the finesse of cigarette paper. Already colored or tinting yourself, anything is possible. Create roses, tulips and other flower of your choice and bluff your entourage. Be it for a special occasion or for a cake of the dayRS, you can't spend you the dough to professional quality flowers. Find all of its variations here.

Modelling paste As the gumpaste, modeling paste is a derivative of the cover sugar paste.

This time, she is rich in cocoa butter. This allows it to dry slower than paste flower but more quickly than classical sugar paste. It will allow you to create characters (among others) and various decorations. Once again, already colored or tinting yourself, it is your choice. Note, however, that only the dyes in gel are suitable for exercise. They will help you get a uniform color sugar dough. Liquid dyes make your viscous, sticky dough. Dyes in powder, them, don't blend well and will leave traces of pigmentation here and there.Discover the dough modeling sugar.

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Sugar Paste and decorations for cakes - Cake Design and pastry

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SUGAR PASTE and Fondant


  • COVERING sugar paste

    Sugar paste to cover your cakes

    Sugar paste known as "coverage" is designed to cover each floor of your cake and this, with minimal crazing, cracks or blisters. Unlike the dough to flowers or modelling paste, paste  cover sugar is much more flexible, elastic and malleable so that you étaliez it with ease. The key word of the operation is 'smooth '!

    In terms of colors, you can choose a dough sugar already colored or good one white that you can easily tint according to your desires, and, using dyes in gel. With these, you can even add visuals like glitter or metallic effect.

    Each brand of sugar paste has its technical specifications as the flexibility, elasticity, resistance to tropical climates, anti-craquelures, gluten-free, kosher, hallal, and many others.

    So what sugar paste to choose? Planet Gateau This is the 5 brands we have selected and their specificities.


    Sugar Paste Renshaw

    Sugar paste Renshaw is pasta with professional quality sugar. Available in sizes ranging from 250g to 10kg, they can be tinted or not. The use of sugar paste is very easy: simply mix and spread them out with a roller pan to cover your cakes and mounted parts. Sugar Paste of the Renshaw mark are certified kosher. suitable for vegetarian diet and gluten ! Discover the classic range as well as the Extra here range !

    Sugar paste Satin Ice coverageSatin Fine Foods, lnc. is the American leader in the field of coverage sugar paste. Its quality sugar paste is sold all over the world and is found in of many American television show such as Ace of Cakes, cake Boss, Food Network Challenge, or even Ultimate cake Challenge. Many cake Designers and other psweet arts rofessionnels swears by their products. Indeed, their pasta to cover sugar have a satiny texture, are easy to work, do not tear and can be lowered very finely.

    The range of Satin Ice is perfect to render Satin with a thickness of minimal sugar paste!

    Cheap sugar paste: Sugaria

    Sugar Paste cover from Sugaria, this is the perfect compromise between low price and quality! It's not expensive sugar paste by excellence but its taste and texture without cracking is close to large Sugar paste professional. Ready to use but can be dyed if necessary, you can find them in packages of 250g. They are available in many colours. Designed to withstand tropicalthey are suitable for a gluten-free diet  !

    Learn more on the specifics of the Sugaria brand.

    Massa Ticino or "the legend of the pasta to cover sugar."If you are passione·e of cake design, you have certainly heard of Massa Ticino Sugarpaste original! This legend is unfortunately not found in France. For you, planet-cake has got the exclusivity of the import on the territory! You do not know it? Go discover it now! Treat yourself to the Roll's Royce supreme pasta to cover sugar and find out why Massa Ticino became the brand of pasta to cover sugar legend!

    The unique taste of the coverage of Modecor sugar pasteThis coverage at Modecor sugar paste has the particularity of having a taste of cooked sugar. His unique and different Sugar Paste taste English vanilla shrink. Try this dough in sugar, it's warranty to fall for his surprising taste, recalling the caramelized sugar and its sweet and unexpected notes.

    Another peculiarity of Modecor brand is its Tropical range. This reSiste carefree to the hot and humid climates that make the work of pasta usually impossible to cover sugar.

    Seduced by the brand Modecor and all its variations of pasta to cover sugar!

  • Fondant ready to cover

    Fondant ready to cover FOR BEGINNER

    The Fondant ready to cover is already spread to the right thickness to be able to cover your cake 20cm, without crazing or cracks. For a flawless finish. Mark Renshaw, she might order several colors (white, pink, and blue) and available in sugar paste, either paste in almond.You will also find in this category of bands of sugar flexible and already print on various themes cartoon (minions, mickey, the snow Queen), ready to lay on the edge of your cake.

  • Flowers Paste or GUMPASTE


    Sugar paste dedicated to flowers (flower paste) and that we also called GUMPASTEsECHE faster and is harder that the block coverage. With the addition of gum, she is more piecese that the modelling paste. The dough also the particularity of very finely spread flowers in order to reproduce as faithfully as possible the petals of flowers that are light and thin found in nature.The 2 leading brands in the field of pasta to flowers and planet cake distributes are RENSHAW and SQUIRES KITCHEN.This model of sugar paste is necessary for a finish of realistic sugar flowers dries quickly and which is spread too thinly to the cigarette paper. It can of course be tinted or sprinkle in the same way as sugar paste using food dyes.

  • Marzipan paste


    Our dough fromalmonds to spread out, brand FunCakes or Renshaw, are delicious, very soft and flexible. Thanks to their flexibility, the dough toalmonds is easy to handle and perfect to be flattened roll. A nice thin texture, our blocks ofalmonds rest farm once spread.

    Available in several colors and several capacity (250g and 1 kg), and if you want a less pronounced color, simply mix the dough toalmonds colored with dough toalmonds White. You can also mix two blocks ofalmonds different color.

    An alternative to sugar paste.

  • Modelling paste


    Sugar paste is dedicated to the shaping characters and figurine (modeling paste), dries faster that the block coverage. But thanks to its composition including cocoa butter, she hardened well slower than the dough to flower, which gives it the particularity of working and quietly corrected again details of your modeling without difficulties.For example, you can add a nose to a character and just in rubbing it with your fingertraces of joints will disappear suggesting that the nose has always been present! Modelling paste can of course be tinted or sprinkle in the same way as sugar paste using food dyes.

    The 2 leading brands in the field of modeling dough and that distributes planet cake are SARACINO and SQUIRES KITCHEN.


There are 104 products.

Showing 1-60 of 104 item(s)

FONDANT is an essential part of pastry decoration. It is an edible and sweet decoration usually made with icing sugar, egg white and liquid glucose. Of course, you can make your own homemade sugar paste, but the preparation takes a long time and it can sometimes be difficult to achieve the expected consistency. Fortunately, Planète Gâteau offers ready-to-use sugar paste. In order to meet all desires, our products come from major brands such as Renshaw, Funcakes, Saracino or even Satin Ice. Discover on Planète Gâteau all the variations of sugar paste to cover your cakes or to make small decorations that will be eaten with the pastry. We have sugar paste in bright and varied colors that just needs to be rolled and shaped as you wish. 

You can also choose white sugar paste that you can tint yourself, with food coloring, in order to adapt it completely to your needs. Soft and malleable, the covering sugar paste allows you to cover your cakes without cracks, cracks or blisters. It spreads out with ease. On our online shelves, you will find sugar paste without gluten, kosher, hallal, etc. We also offer ready-to-apply covering dough, perfect if you are still a beginner in baking. It is already spread out, ready to cover an 8 inch cake without cracks or cracks. 

Do you need to make figurines or other decorations that are both beautiful and delicious for your pastry? You need chocolate paste. You will love its exceptionally good taste thanks to its cocoa butter composition. It also allows it to dry faster than covering paste, but slower than flower paste. This paste offers, in addition, a magnificent rendering, especially if you make flowers, ribbons, bows or pleated sheets. Chocolate paste comes in many colors and can be molded into a variety of shapes. 

You can also choose almond paste as an alternative to classic sugar paste. It is mainly composed of powdered almonds and icing sugar. It is very flexible, is easy to install and remains firm when spread out. In addition, it has a very good taste of almonds. On Planète Gâteau, almond paste is available in several colors and sizes. Gumpaste is also called flower paste because it is specially dedicated to decorations in the shape of very realistic flowers. 

Thanks to the addition of gum, this paste is more elastic than sugar paste. So you can spread it very thinly if you want to reproduce the flower petals as faithfully as possible. Planète Gâteau has selected the best brands of flower paste for you. Our products are presented in a variety of colors. You can also tint them with food coloring for subtle effects or to shade the edge of your petals.