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Sugar Paste and other decorations for cakes

Ready to use sugar paste is a sweet and edible decoration that allows to embellish all your cakes or your cupcakes by colour, shapes and the massages. Planet cake offers a wide range of designs and color to cover your cakes, make the flowers in sugar, the massages with sugar paste, the paste flowers, almond paste or chocolate dough. All major brands are represented: Renshaw, Satin Ice, Massa Ticino Saracino, Modecor, FunCakes, Sugaria. There is so for every taste and every need!Sugar paste known as "coverage"»Cover sugar paste is used to cover (as the name suggests) all your cakes but also your cupcakes. It remains flexible at all times and is easy to use. It will allow you to smooth out your designs and make them both impeccable. Thanks to it, your culinary masterpieces will be worthy of the great cake design!

Side colors, you have total freedom

. You can opt for an already tainted dough or color a white paste using food coloring gel. Planet cake has selected 5 different brands. Each has its specialty, its specificities. In order to find the best product for your use, we all presented you them on the page dedicated to pasta to cover sugar

.Dough flowers or GumpasteThe Gumpaste is a sugar dough that gum has been added. It is more elastic and can be spread much more finely than all other Sugar Paste. That is why it is called flower dough: can be formed petals to the finesse of cigarette paper. Already colored or tinting yourself, anything is possible. Create roses, tulips and other flower of your choice and bluff your entourage. Be it for a special occasion or for a cake of the dayRS, you can't spend you the dough to professional quality flowers. Find all of its variations here


Modelling paste As the gumpaste, modeling paste is a derivative of the cover sugar paste. This time, she is rich in cocoa butter. This allows it to dry slower than paste flower but more quickly than classical sugar paste. It will allow you to create characters (among others) and various decorations. Once again, already colored or tinting yourself, it is your choice. Note, however, that only the dyes in gel are suitable for exercise. They will help you get a uniform color sugar dough. Liquid dyes make your viscous, sticky dough. Dyes in powder, them, don't blend well and will leave traces of pigmentation here and there.Discover the dough modeling sugar.

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