A Unleavened disc does not alter the taste of your cake. The disc arises on your finished cake, dampen it slightly so that it fits well on the cake. It doesn't heat. It cuts very easily. We offer pre-printed with your favorite characters.


When the package is not opened: purchased sugar paste ready, when she is not unpacked it, has a shelf life of several months, as long as it is not open and it is stored away from light (see the date usage limit) optimal "Best Before End" mentioned on the package. When the package is already open: when your packet of sugar paste is started, the rest of sugar paste can be stored up to 2 months. Tightly wrap your sugar paste in food cellophane film, then put everything in an airtight box. Store away from light, but don't refrigerate and freeze not (sugar paste does not support the moisture). Keep in mind the following tips to ensure that your sugar dough will be very soft and pleasant to work when you want to use it:

► sugar paste dries quickly. Keep it wrapped in film food, a bag or a box plastic when you do not use.

► do not hesitate to knead and knead your dough sugar so that it is very flexible and soft before spreading it or work it.

► To prevent your sugar dough from sticking to your work surface, sprinkle it a mixture half cornstarch and half of icing sugar. Alternatively, you can butter your work plan.

► After decoration, store your leftover sugar paste carefully: form balls, wrap them in clingfilm, then place in an airtight box.


The Genoese is a classic which is the basis of many delicious desserts, here's how to make it light and puffy.

Will need you:
1 mould 4 eggs 125 g flour 125 g melted butter sugar
-butter the pan with a brush on the bottom and the walls and put some flour evenly over the entire surface, so your cake is démoulera without sticking
-break the eggs into a bowl and add the sugar - put the bowl in a warm water bath and whisk constantly until mixture face tape. Be careful not to exceed 50 ° C otherwise the eggs will cook
-Sift the flour and stir it gently twice well by lifting the mixture with a spatula

-pour into the mould and bake 190 degrees for 30 minutes
-remove right out and let cool on a wire rack
You can then use your nature Genoese with a custard or well stick it with pastry cream, ganache, jam, chocolate butter cream, fruit or anything that will make you want to.

SILIKOMART: Knit MIX pour the powder in a food processor 100 g of knit mix with 80/100 g of warm water and mix for 2 minutes approximately at an average speed, until smooth and creamy.

Using a spatula, level the mixture on the silicone mat.

Put the rug in the oven for 10 / 15 minutes at 80 ° c.

Unmold the lace sugar gently with a spatula. Available in pink, red, green, yellow and white


Pour the powder into the blender or food processor powder 'sweet lace' and add the proportion of water: for 100 g of powder, 50 g of water at room temperature.
Work for at least 3 minutes at maximum speed until the mixture is creamy. Pour and spread the "lace sweet" to fill the holes, with a horn.
Allow to dry (4/6 hourES), then remove the product carefully.

There are dyes soluble in liquid form, powder and paste. They are soluble in water. They are used to color almond paste and sugar-based products, creams, cakes and to color the basis of macaroons.
POWDER: There are generally 0.5 g of colorant for 1 kg of preparation. It must put the dye directly into a liquid paste.
LIQUID: suitable for pastries baked (different pasta cakes, meringues, macarons...)

Paste: Made for the dough in sugar.

There are soluble in liquid and powdered food coloring.

POWDER: For coloring chocolate, butter, margarine and marzipan. You can also use it for your preparations to cook. Add the dye directly in your preparation.

LIQUID: it mixes very easily and directly in cocoa butter, margarine, white chocolate...

There are dyes decoration and finishing:

COCOA butter colours: it is used for a color with a brush or sprayed with a gun or with a special airbrush for chocolate. Simply put the subject in the freezer before spraying.

POWDER NACREES food dyes: we get a brilliant effect on chocolate, almond paste and sugar paste. Can the sprinkle directly, diluting it directly in a little clear alcohol such as vodka and gin, you will get a Pearl paint that dries quickly and which applies to the brush. It is also used in an airbrush by diluting 2g of powder in 10g of alcohol. It is great for decoration in Marzipan, chocolates and sugar paste.

COLORING liquids for AIRBRUSH: they are quite fluid. They are perfect to decorate the almond paste, the surface of cream roses and pastillage or Royal icing parts.

SPRAY ALIMENTAIRE mother-of-Pearl effect: can replace the airbrush, it is ideal for a color on the surface of chocolate, sugar products, marzipan and pastries cooked like tarts, macarons...

Cannot be incorporated in the preparations, it's just a surface dye.


For a round of 7 cm pan, you will get this number of shares: - O 15 CM = 10 shares - O 20 = 28 PARTS - O 25 CM 42 units = CM - Ø 30 CM = 56 - Ø 35 CM = 82 shares - shares Ø 40 CM = 100 units

For a square of 7 cm mold, you will get this number of shares: - O 15 CM = 18 PARTS - O 20 CM = 32 shares - O 25 CM = 50 units - Ø 30 CM = 72 shares - Ø 35 CM = 98 shares - Ø 40 CM = 128 PARTS
The part number is calculated from the diameter and no relation to the height, it is the reason that these indications are valid also for the mussels of 10 cm in height


It takes 6 gr of powder of MERINGUE and 30ml of water (about 30g) to rebuild one egg white.
Then just mix the rest of his preparation. You can use it to make meringues, icing (keeps 2 weeks in the fridge in a flat hermethique).
CRISCO is a white vegetable fat. It replaces the butter. This isn't a cooking fat. Unlike the butter cream, icing made from crisco become not rancid and may stay out of the fridge. You can flavor it in all flavours.
Isomalt is a substitute for sugar that was obtained by the treatment of enzymes with beet sugar. Isomalt is chemically combined in the form of alcohol (polyol) disaccharide, safe for the teeth and has 50% less calories than regular sugar. Food containing Isomalt and no sugar cause a smaller increase of blood sugar and an increasingly effect below. Isomalt has a melting point of 145 ° C to 150 ° C and is pre-tempere so that it can be easily melted in the microwave.
Precautions when working with liquid Isomalt, exercise caution, as this product can cause serious burns if it is splashed on the skin. For this reason, Isomalt cannot be used by children.

Instructions for the SK pre-tempere Isomalt
Pour the desired amount of flakes of Isomalt in a container microwave that can withstand a temperature over 180 ° C.
In 30-second increments, melt isomalt until it is liquid. Check isomalt to each slice and make sure not to heat more than 30 seconds at a time.
With heat resistant gloves, carefully remove the Bowl from the microwave.
Isomalt will be extremely hot.
Stir and wait until the bubbling stops, then pour liquid isomalt in the container or the desired mold. Or, pour the contents on a flat heat-resistant surface and work isomalt with kitchen instruments and once cooled, with your hands.

Use of silicone or metal mould

Melt such isomalt indicated in the instructions, and wait until the bubbling stops.

Place pan on a baking tray and gently pour the liquid into the mold. If more than one color is required, pour the first color into the mold and let freeze. Once freeze, pour the second color that will unite to the first.

Let cool and remove from pan. If isomalt froze in the bowl or a part that is not needed, it is possible to melt and use again.

Keep small pieces in an airtight container with packets of silica gel.


Need to sprinkle sugar gla work planThis, by spreading a little, as well as the roll. We work then the sugar paste by kneading it like playdough. Roll the dough in sugar, and raise it up a little to put a little icing sugar so that it does not stick.

Do not too thin as it could tear. 


How long should I knead the SATIN ICE
until it's ready to use?  
The image of the gum, fondant and sugar paste becomes more elastic and flexible after kneading. Generally, the product is old, longer you knead. When the Satin Ice fondant is freshly made, kneading is not necessary. As the product remains in its airtight container, it will still dry naturally over time. (Our fondant and our sugar paste have different periods of shelf life - 12 to 18 months that are indicated on the container.) If the product becomes dry, hard or crumbly, then a longer kneading time will be necessary.

  • Fondant and sugar paste can be kneaded by hand or with the arms of the mess of a blender. 
  • I decorated my cake with a pink fondant and I leave it at room temperature on the counter. Now the color is faded. What happened? 
  • We recommend that you cover all the finished cakes! Some colours (pink and purple) tarnish faster than others when exposed to light for long periods. It is a natural phenomenon when red food dyes are used. Keep in mind that if we create our fondant colored test of tarnishing, this would require more food coloring, which would be dangerous for consumption.
  • Should I put my cake finished in the refrigerator? 

If you use a layer of butter cream milk under the covering of the fondant to the cake, the cake ofVRA be refrigerated. It's much better to cover or seal it in plastic, since that most standard refrigerators have high humidity which can allow the water droplets from forming on your decorated cake.